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Gary Steele

Gary Steele

SBCLTR, Founder

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Neha on multiple projects, projects that have meant a lot to my clients and projects that she has put on the Indian culinary map. I have always been a fan of Everything On A Plate, it's always and is still a pivotal point to the common mans culinary adventure - be it recommendations on where to eat (in any city across the country) or recipes that not only pacify one's soul but deconstructs the art of cooking.
Akshata Rao Pillai

Akshata Rao Pillai

The Happy Place (Co-Owner) & Akshu & Ing New York (Brand Owner)

The Happy Place pop up was honoured to associate with Neha and Everything on a plate for their second edition. It will be safe to say that it was by far the most successful association amongst many others. Neha is an absolute charm to work with and extremely dedicated. EOAP is definitely one of the most genuine and organic brands to associate with. I am already in conversation with her for other events without a second thought !

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