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About Everything On A Plate ( #EOAP )


We, at Everything on a plate, are a small team that has been blogging about food for a very long time. We started out by blogging for others and have finally decided to do it on our own as Everything on a plate ( #EOAP ). We began blogging in the UK and now blog in India and USA.

We have an experience of working ( specific to the food sector ) with UrbanResto, Zomato UK and our team members have appeared on the show ‘Jamie & Jimmys Friday Night Feast’ – David Tennant’ ( Jamie Oliver & Jimmy Doherty ) & Turban Tadka on Food Food as well as been a part of videos for Big Basket, Broasters India, Time out & The Better India representing EOAP, as well as on the show ‘Emirates World in My Kitchen’ with Chef Ranveer Brar & Chef Shipra Khanna. Our latest appearance was on the show Grilled with Riyaaz Amlani, Vishal Dadlani and Sarah Todd. We are also the only food bloggers from Mumbai to view the Pepsi co plant in Kolkata to experience the making of Lays and Kurkure first hand.

Apart from blogging and reviewing, we have also started with a special initiative for underprivileged Children, where we take them to restaurants and let them experience a world of food they otherwise cannot. We also talk them through the food and let them review it.

We did our first run with Chillis in December  Here:

& then with a number of places eg La Folie, Twenty Nine, Aquafire, Broaster Chicken etc. We are connected with many NGO’s ( Angel Xpress Foundation, Spark A Change Foundation, Nagriksatta Ward 63 Association & more) for this initiative as we are active volunteers with most.

Food photography too is a sector we have gotten into, and have shot for many restaurants, pubs & Chefs.

We just did our first workshop with the Goodie Bag Co & it was quite a hit !

Hoping to expand in that sector too.
We have also started with travel blogs with our first visit to the luxurious Oxford Golf Resort in Pune followed by Soma Vineyards,Le Farm & Serai in Chikmagalur.


Our Team

Neha Rajadhyaksha

Neha is the Don Corleone of this group. No, she does not give out favours like Marlon Brando did but… you get the point. If you thought doing a plank for 5 minutes straight is tough
try impressing her.
She's the E in EOAP. Does she need any more introduction?

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Prasad Mhatre

Prasad Mhatre is the ACP Pradyuman of our Facebook Group Everything on a Plate and more NOTHING goes unnoticed when he is doing a check. He is the Darth Vader who only finds your lack of love for food disturbing. How to get on his good side you ask? FEED HIM.

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Chaitanya Mohan

Journeys beyond Geography,
Amateur level cooking in between,
Always hungry, always traveling,
always writing is how he rides.
... oh! and sells electric rickshaws on the side.
His idea of a good time?
Turning textures, taste & flavors into rhymes!

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