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Magic of Malnad at The Serai, Chikmagalur

“ One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ” 
- Virginia Woolf

If the beauty of Chikmaglur hadn’t had us enthralled enough,
the food and ambience had us floored.

Rajasthani Food Festival at Jamavar, The Leela Mumbai

We woke up to a gloomy day and looked out of our windows to glance at the pouring rain and muddy pothole filled roads. The only thing that made us take a step out of the house that day was the thought of delicious Rajashthani Food waiting for us
at Jamavar, The Leela.
Jamavar lived up to the ethos of Rajasthani hospitality that says " Padharo mahro des ". From the delectable food to the décor, the ambience of the restaurant to the welcome courtesy of the waiting staff, we spent three hours actually believing we were in Rajasthan, imbibing flavours that go beyond food.

Dishkiyaoon bids Adieu to its Old Menu

We sat in a corner of the restaurant looking out at the pitter-patter on the large windowsills and the vivid characters that passed by. It looked like everyone was in a hurry, everyone so animated ! That’s the benefit of capturing a large corner at BKC, there is so much life around you, never a dull moment. 

While the office goes or other passerbys add life & a bundle of stories to the corner, Dishkiyaoon adds some delicious flavours to their day.
Now If we had a good sense of balance we would have sat on one of their lovely swing seating but with our ability to fall on the ground when standing upright made us chose a seating that kept us away from hugging the floor. The ambience of Dishkiyaoon in one word is – FUN. You have lamps hung upside down, funky coasters with Traditional Elvis, Marilyn and much more to grab your attention until the food arrives. 
It broke our heart to hear that they were changing the menu as we had a list of must haves in the older one; but we kept an open palate and an empty tummy as we began exploring their new menu.

Literally Everything On A Plate at Grand Hyatt !

The moment we saw the thali in front of us we looked at Neha Varyani ( Assistant Manager - Marketing Communications ) and said, “ This is literally Everything On A Plate ! ” 

Well, Everything On A Plate really is one way of describing the Indian Thali. The concept of the thali really revolves around the idea of having a meal that treats your tastebuds to varied favours i.e. sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on one single plate. 
Grand Hyatt is bringing in the legacy of the Indian Thali filled with sumptuous specialities from Gujarat and Rajasthan at its Grand Thali Feast at SOMA. Curated by Chef Vinod Singh Rana & his team of expert culinarians, the Grand Thali Feast brings to you signature specialties of both the regions with over 15 delectable dishes that will certainly wow you !

Zaika-E-Awadh at Baluchi, The Lalit

I have a great love for cuisine, so I'm always interested in local food, and there are
so many interesting dishes, spices and ingredients in India. 
- Romain Grosjean

Lets be honest, our closest association to the authentic Awadhi cuisine is the Galouti Kebab courtesy Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow. But the amazing Awadhi cuisine is so much more than that ! Many of its traditional rich gravies and smoked juicy kebabs are tucked away in the kitchens of the locals as restaurants give them their own spin to make the recipes & flavours more commercial.

It is time to savour the most authentic Lucknowi food at the Awadhi Food Festival at Baluchi, The Lalit, Mumbai! Evoking the indolent spirit of the Nawabs of Awadh, the Awadhi Food festival ( 16th till 30th June 2017 ) promises to be a feast for all foodies with as their Lucknowi Chef presents you with culinary delights across vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus, offering delectable starters, main course and mouth watering desserts.

Quick drinks with MarimBula, FSIPL

The issue of using natural ingredients such as fruits in drinks is consistency in terms of taste. Sometimes a watermelon will be as sweet as ever and sometimes it may get plain watery, you can never be sure ! To ensure bartenders & mixologists get the yeild result each time, MarimBula has launched 50 interesting flavours of syrups. These flavours not only ensure uniformity in taste but also makes their lives much easier. 

During our visit to the Food Service India Pvt. Ltd.  ( FSILP ) office in Andheri, we were treated to a bunch of amazing dishes and drinks courtesy Chef Laxman & Mixologist Sachin. Each treat was made using the amazing products FSILP has to offer. 

MarimBula Drinks
Mixologist Sachin introduced us to an array of non-Alcoholic drinks using MarimBula syrups. We were glad they had zero alcohol content or we would have has to out of there. **wink wink**. We are sharing a few recipes of his delicious quick fix beverages
that we absolutely LOVED !

FSIPL - A Restaurateurs Best Friend

" Eating good food is my favourite thing in the whole world. Nothing is more blissful. " 
- Justine Larbalestier

Everytime we blink our eyes we hear about the launch of a new restaurant, each with a promise to bring its patrons something new and exciting. What many fail to see is that eating ( from ) outside is more of an experience than just grabbing a bite. The satisfaction of one’s meal depends on an blend of taste, service, consistency and more. 
With the rise of QSR’s & Pop-ups, fast food is now taking over the world. We want stuff at the snap of our fingers irrelevant of the pressure we give the chefs & staff of the food establishments... but such if life. In this rat race, something or the other is over looked which lands them into an argument with an angry customer. 
When we were kids and had a bad day, we would rush to our mom who with a warm hug would listen to all our problems and come up with the perfect solution. But restaurants can’t keep doing that can they ? And that is where FSIPL comes into play.

Who is FSIPL ?

A Tex-Mex treat at Habanero, Goa

' Mexican food is far more varied than people think. It changes like dialects. '
- Gael Garcia Bernal

Located in a the by-lanes of the ever busy Baga, is a Tex-Mex Teroso
that goes by the name of the chilli ‘Habanero’. 
Habanero’s walls are decorated with splashes of colour along with pictorials symbolic to its Mexican and Goan influence. Sadly, when we went for a review they were renovating but the sombreros, the stage, the balcony, beer bottle walls looked quite intriguing.

#EOAP #QuakerHealthyMornings Contest 2017

The value of ' Health is Wealth ' today has become just a proverb we learnt in school.

As food bloggers, we are so busy reviewing day in & day out that we tend to loose track of what we put into our bodies throughout the day... and the most ignored meal ? Breakfast !
Now Quaker India has asked us to try out their #QuakerHealthyMornings range which they say is nutritious and can be made in hardly any time ! So we have decided to try one of each everyday ... well its four mornings of healthy, but that’s a start right ?

China House 10th Anniversary Offers

Grand makes you fall in love, 10 times over.
Walk down memory lane with us as Grand Hyatt brings to you 10 exquisite reasons
to fall in love with China House all over again.

China House is Bringing back their very first menu with 10 year old prices
on the 26th of every month !