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Español Evenings at the Leela, Mumbai

The Leela Mumbai is taking its patrons on a culinary journey to Spain and is leaving no stone unturned. Celebrating the flavours of Spain, The Leela has collaborated with Chef Sergio Millet, Executive Chef of Mas Rabell restaurant at the famous Torres vineyards in Spain.

To add to the treat, The House of Torres is pairing with the menu some of its legendary wines ( Mas La Plana, Ibericos Rioja, Gran Coronas, Grans Muralles). What stuck with us the most about the wines, apart from the gorgeous flavours, was that each of them has a wonderful story to tell each explained to us passionately by Tushar.

We had the pleasure to attend the launch of their Tapas evenings and here
are some things that stood out : 

Ajo Blanco
We were quite happy to see this popular cold soup as a starter, especially served as shots! Ajo Blanco is typically made from a mix of bread, almonds, vinegar, olive oil, salt, water and garlic. The drink is very smooth & is quite refreshing, especially in the summer.

Gambas Pil Pil 
The Gambas ( Shrimp ) Pil Pil ( Sauce ) were flying off the stove like hot cakes! Almost everyone took seconds & thirds. Gambas Pil Pil Prawn tossed in a sizzling hot sauce of garlic, chilli & olive oil. Not only was it a delight to watch the chef toss them on the live counter but it was also plated adorably in these tiny little red pots.

Pan con Tomate with Spicy Tomato Sauce
Many say this dish is as humble as tapas can get. The tiny, bite-sized pieces of Spanish toast are a delicious, quick snack made with just five ingredients, namely, bread, 
omato, olive oil, garlic, and salt.

Chicken and Mushroom Paella
We kind of missed this but the other bloggers were raving about this dish!
Try it out and let us know what you thought of it.

These were just the tip of the iceberg, you must visit to learn more
about the other delicacies on the menu.

For the most part of the evening, we were hovering around the dessert counter drooling over the desserts on display. 

We loved watching the churros being made and gulping them down nice and warm. To add to the delicious brown pastry, we had chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce
& Ice cream made in the Leela Kitchen.

Crème Catalana
The dessert draws parallels with the crème brûlée, the difference being the latter doesn’t contain fine cornflour. The custard was well set and was garnished with fresh fruit, we quite enjoyed it.

Arroz con Leche
Presentation-wise, this stood out the most as it was served in these tiny dessert jars with a dropper full of syrup. The Arroz ( Rice ) con Leche ( Milk ) is basically a Mexican rice pudding and can be a bit bland. Chef Rachna gave it a little extra flavour by adding in some fresh fruits.

There were also Alfajores, Polvorones Almond Cookies, Pretzel Pops, Macaroons, 
Orange Sponge Cake and more!

Our brief visit to the Leela Mumbai Tapas Evening was definitely not enough for us. We will be visiting again soon, will anyone be joining us? Then darse prisa!

Tapas Evenings at Six Degrees
Venue: Six Degrees, The Leela Mumbai
Date: 17th March 2018 - 29th March 2018
Time: 5.00 pm-Midnight
Contact: 022 6691 1333/34

About The Leela Mumbai
The first hotel of The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts, The Leela Mumbai is an oasis of tranquillity in the bustling metropolis and set amidst 11 acres of lush landscaped gardens and cascading waterfalls. A convenient 5-minute drive from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and a 15-minute drive from the domestic airport, the hotel is located in close proximity to North Mumbai’s commercial center and export zone. The hotel offers spacious and beautifully-appointed 391-rooms and suites, including a 140sq. meters Presidential Suite. The exciting spectrum of culinary experiences include Le Cirque Signature, the legendary Franco-Italian spectacle, a royal Indian dining experience at Jamavar, modern global dining at Citrus, authentic Chinese at The Great Wall, along with a sophisticated retreat at Six Degrees bar by the poolside. Multi-purpose meeting and conference rooms with latest technologies are available upon request. For blissful and revitalizing indulgence the exclusive Spa at The Leela offers European and Oriental inspired treatments.

Breakfast Pop-Up by The Happy Place

The Happy Place Pop-Up is all set to bring you a wide selection stylish labels and products from across the country that you can’t find on the high street! In addition to a cheerful shopping experience, they will also bring in gourmet food and drinks to keep you fuelled with the chance to win fun prizes. And don’t worry about the little ones, there are fun activities to keep them happy too!

Venue : Corona Garden, Bandra
Date : 17th & 18th March, 2018
Time :  9am to12.30pm
Entry Fee : Rs.300 ( Cover Charge )
Discount Code Below 

For the very first time, the happy place is crafting and hosting a Breakfast Pop Up; a veritable smörgåsbord of exciting and innovative cooking. An immersive meal prepared by top-notch chefs from Mumbai, you are going to have a flavourful first meal of the day. Your weekend is about to change as they fashion a morning scene, never done before.


Pop Up by Chef Devika Manjrekar
After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu ( London ) Chef Devika Manjrekar has decided to treat the crowd at the happy place to a drool-worthy breakfast menu.

The Fat & Sexy Chef
A global cuisine Cafe that guarantees food freshly made in front of you !

Yugo Sushi
Authentic healthy sushi by Yugo from Tokyo!

Harsh Chocolates
A family business, Harsh Chocolates started its love affair with chocolate in 2001. They believe chocolates are the voice of passion and love.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters
We roast India's best single estate Arabica coffees, batch by batch, especially for you. 

MO’s Superfoods
MO’s Kefir uses the best quality milk available in Maharashtra to give you the maximum amount of nutritional value possible. The king of probiotics; the champagne of milk, Kefir is a delicious type of fermented milk.

Healthy, cool and totally refreshing! A great way to beat the summer heat.

Along with these brands, find some interesting street food to gobble down too!

The Happy Bar

Get ready to get Happy High with The Happy Bars delicious summer cocktails that  

A large number of High-street designer labels will together under one roof at the event.
The brands are: 

The Entry Fee for the event is Rs. 300
and if you use our code you will get your ticket for JUST Rs. 240 !

The code is

Contest Rules

* The contest is open for people residing in Mumbai.

* Participants must be following 'Everything On a Plate' and ‘The Happy Place Pop Up’ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Zomato (Whichever platforms the participant is present on)

* The winners will be announced on our Stories on the 16th of March, 2017.

* The prize is not transferable.

* Prize for this contest is one free entry pass, a delicious breakfast (courtesy Chef Devika) and a pint of beer as well as a 50% off on one friend's ticket.

* Three Winners will be decided across our platforms by the Happy Place Pop.

* For any queries. you can drop us a message on our Facebook page : or email us at 

Everything on a Plate 

The Happy Place Pop Up

China Bistro has a special Chinese New Year Menu !

"Chinese food tries to engage the mind, not just the palate. To provoke the intellect." 
-Nicole Mones 

The onset of spring brings in the joyous occasion of the Chinese New Year. To celebrate the mirthful spring festival, China Bistro, known for its authentic & contemporary Chinese dishes, has prepared a special menu with some interesting delicacies available at all their outlets ( only till March 3rd 2018 ) . To get a taste of the celebratory menu, we decided to drop by their Dadar outlet with stands tall as a very well-known landmark, taking over an entire corner of a prominent street. 

Replicas of the Terracotta Army, red paper lanterns & prominent elements of the Chinese culture are found all around the beautifully lit restaurant. As a part of the new year celebrations, China Bistro also has a little table on which they pay their respects to the ingredients they use in the food.


To get your taste buds going while you decide what you want to order, you are served with Kimchi, pickled carrots & cucumber, fragrant chilli sauce & a black pepper sauce.
Let us warn you, they are incredibly addictive!

Truffle Scented Mushroom Tea 
( Rs.145 ) 
When we read the name of the tea, we assumed we were going to get a mellow tea infused with the flavours of Truffle & mushroom… but we were quite mistaken. The tea is like a soup served in a beautiful tall kettle with cute little China Teacups & saucers to accompany it. In the cups, you get thin, sliced & dried shiitake mushrooms on which you pour the piping hot mushroom truffle broth. If you had any doubts that there was any truffle in the tea, the earthy aroma will put them to rest. The soup is light in consistency but packed with flavour. It has a slight pungency owing to the truffles, a rich buttery flavour of the shiitake & a spicy ( hints of sour ) tinge owing to the spices. This is a MUST HAVE.

Thai Papaya Salad with Orange Vinaigrette 
( Rs.195 )
The base of the dish was crunchy Raw Papaya juliennes and along with it were julienned carrots, French beans, Heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peanuts, garnished with edible flowers. The salad was dressed in a fresh orange juice ( which we give extra points for )... A Delicious salad! 

Dumplings or Dim sums

What we loved the most about their dumplings, in general, were their innovative wraps that were made with a variety of flavours and ingredients. Instead of just using a mix of rice flour or a basic dumpling dough, they used vegetables such as spinach and flavoured wraps. Commenting on the consistency, the coating would give a pop of flavour and melt in your mouth enabling the filling to be the hero. Every dumpling dish had its own personality, so to speak. Each of them were very different not only in flavour but in presentation & look too. The dumpling platter was decorated with micro greens, edible flowers and a variety of sauces. Certainly, a treat to look at… and devour!

Pak Choi & Shiitake Dumpling 
( Rs.275 )
Green little siu mai dumplings were dressed up with micro greens & fried onions with a filling of soft juicy mushroom & boiled Bok Choy. On top of it, all were drizzled a few drops of parsley mayo. Even though there was a lot going on with the crispy onions, the earthy mushrooms, light mustard flavour from the greens and bok choy… it all blended perfectly.

Three Lung Har Gao with Tobiko
( Rs.325 )
Placed on a bed of Red Thai curry were Black Dumplings… yes black! The dumpling dough is made up of rice flour & squid ink. Now the taste of the coat in no way overpowers the dish but is very very subtle. The dumpling dough is filled with lightly flavoured prawn, bamboo shoots & some water chestnut and is garnished with Microgreens and tiny little tobiko. Tobiko are the tiny pink pearls on top of the dumpling, also known as flying fish roe, which give it a blink & miss salty taste. The dumplings are beautiful to look at and we strongly recommend you try them. Be careful while eating with chopsticks, this dumpling can give you quite the slip !

Steam Chicken & Spinach Dumpling with Chilli Bean
( Rs.325 )
Two green dumplings were placed in a little puddle of Chilli Bean Soya Sauce, garnished with micro-greens. Now, these dumplings weren’t made up of the usual dumpling dough but the coating was, in fact, beautiful, soft spinach leaves. Tucked inside the leaves was succulent, steamed chicken meat. The spinach was very tender and let the taste of the chicken come through while the spicy, umami Chilli bean sauce is fun to dunk in for a change of taste.

Bao Pockets

Barbecue Chicken ( Rs.395 ) / Urumqi Lamb ( Rs.295 ) 
Who isn’t well versed with the soft-sweet Chinese bread? Our only complaint with them is that just like a burger we managed to drop the filling everywhere. To make sure you get the tasty goodness of every bit of from the filling, they have made bao pockets. We had two varieties of the Bao pockets which were quite similar in taste but different in meat. Garnished with edible flowers, both the meats were minced and deep fried till beautifully crispy and tucked into the pockets along with carrot, cucumber, hummus, spinach & butter. In case you feel the bao is dry, you get a dip alongside ( Red Thai curry sauce with the Urumqi Lamb & BBQ Black Bean sauce with the chicken ) as well as pickled carrots & cucumbers garnished with sesame.
The trick to enjoying the Bao Pocket is to push the stuffing a bit inside and press on the bao pocket to slightly flatten it. You will enjoy the delicious filling till the end.

Mala Pot Chicken
( Rs.545 )
One portion will easily fill two people quite a bit. The Mala Pot Chicken meal is served in a pot filled with butter-herb rice doused with gravy. The gravy of the Mala pot consists of soya sauce, five spice mix, dry red chillies in which are tossed boneless pieces of chicken, bamboo shoots, onion & succulent pieces of shiitake mushroom. One thing that really impressed us was that the rice was not over or undercooked. It was moist but not squishy at all..
let's leave it at the rice was very well cooked.

Green Tea Tiramisu
( Rs.295 )
Ice cream milk foam, chocolate, scooped watermelon & matcha green tea powder crowned the dessert. The layer of whisked cream was an absolute delight to have, however, coffee-infused
cake below was a bit too sweet for our taste. 


Pineapple Chili Cooler
( Rs.240 )
Chilli powder & tobacco sauce added to a base of pineapple juice was what the Pineapple Cooler was all about & we LOVED it ! The juice is not too sweet and the spice skips your tongue only to give you some pleasant spicy notes after you gulp down each sip. 

Cucumber Wasabi Cooler 
( Rs.240 )
The Cucumber Wasabi cooler was a concoction of a pulpy & slushy cucumber juice teamed up with wasabi. When you sip your drink, you for a few seconds you will believe the drink is devoid of any wasabi, but we guarantee you the spice will creep up just when you don’t expect it. Let the drink rest & the ice melt for a while of the drink gets a bit tough to sip through a straw.

This special menu will be available only until the 3rd of March at all four China Bistro outlets ( Thane, Worli, Chembur and Dadar)  & we strongly suggest you hurry !

 ( Please note : the quantities in the images are sample portions served to us on request for the purpose of the review. )  

We would like to thank Sandeep, Dan Singh Mehta, Anjan, Suraj & Rajesh Thakur for the wonderful time.

Wine & Fish Festival 2018 at The Park Club, Dadar

Sounds of fun, laughter and clinking glasses echoed through the promenade around Shivaji Park owing to Park Club’s first ever Wine & Fish Fest. We decided to drop by and explore the festival with our sister blog Dadar Women Network.

The Wine and Fish festival, held on the 24th & 25th of February 2018, brought together a range of fine wines and big brands in the beautiful backyard of the sea facing Park Club. The brainchild of Just Fry Eat, Wimpy Wines & Rendezvous with Wiinez, the festival not only showcased some delicious treats at discounted prices but was also the first of its kind in the area around. 



The Reveilo collection is an assortment of estate wines that express a combination of exceptional grape ripeness & an expression of a passionate winemakers art. Every Reveilo bottle bears a Vintage stamp of elegance, balance & texture. Here, there is a wine for everyone!

Wines Kept for Tasting

Chardonnay Reserve 2015
Cabernet Saura Reserve 2014
Late Harvest Chenin Blanc 2016
Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Merlot 2017
Nero D'avola 2017
Chenin Blanc 2017
Chardonnay 2017

Chirag Kohli
“There is a lot to learn about wines. After I joined Reveilo it was as if a new world opened up for me! This event helps us educate, converse, connect, inform many wine lovers & teetotallers alike.  There is so much to understand about wines &
I intend to spread some love & knowledge through this festival.”


Constructed in 2009, Oakwood winery is situated in Shrirampur, Maharashtra and is promoted by Uttam Keval and his sons Amit & Sanjay. Oakwood winery has followed the diligent practice of organic viticulture which has resulted in improving the quality of each year’s harvest. The quality of wines is a result of guidance revived by expert French winemaker Mathias Pellissard. Driven by an innate passion for winemaking, Oakwood winery brings to you some of the best wines that India produces Using French oak barrels, Oakwood delves deep
into bringing out the best that terroir has to offer to its wines.

Wines Kept for Tasting

Bella Rouge Cabernet Shiraz
Bella Blanc Chenin Viognier 
Mystik Oak

Mihir Kulkarni
“The purpose for participating in this event is to reach out to more people and create brand awareness. With the extensive portfolio and knowledge, we have to offer, what better way to help build a love for wine than through such events. What makes our brand different is authenticity. We make wines authentically in a French style and we have the French winemaker
Mathias Pellissard to guide us.”


Fratelli is a premium Indian wine brand that has been steadily gaining recognition for its quality and setting new benchmarks for Indian wines worldwide. The word Fratelli translates to 'Brothers' in Italian. An Indo-Italian venture, Fratelli was set up in 2007 with the intention to produce the best wines in the country. Collaboration between three families along with the viticulture and wine-making expertise of Piero Masi, a master winemaker from Tuscany, the partnership aims to bring in Italian winemaking tradition coupled with the best that the Indian wine terrain has to offer.

Wines Kept for Tasting

Classic Chenin
Chenin Blanc
Sidus Premium White wine
Vero Sauvignon Blanc Aklut
Noi Sparkling
Classic Merlot
Chenin Blanc
Shiraz rose
Classic Merlot
Cabernet Franc-shiraz
Sidus premium red Wine
Vero Cabernet Sauvignon Aklut

Fratelli has a new baby and it goes by the name of Noi! We strongly recommend you try the wine out… don’t forget to let us know what you think of it.


A chance visit to his family's land in Nasik - a region well-known for growing table grapes - in 1994 led to the seed of an idea, and before Rajeev Samant knew it, he began pursuing the idea of growing wine grapes in Nashik. Spread over a total of over 3000 acres, Sula's owned and contracted vineyards are home to some of India's finest grapes and the site of the latest in viticulture innovation and technology. Their farmers are partners in their journey to produce excellent wines and they work hand-in-hand to secure their supply, provide on-ground training and support, and share the latest in sustainable winegrowing practices. 

Wines Kept for Tasting

Brut Tropicale
Seco Rose
Dindori Reserve Shiraz
Red Zinfandel
Sauvignon Blanc
Meghan Olivera
“I am here to enjoy the taste of wines with my husband Nicolas & our friend Navin Parekh. The white wines of Sula and something I love and I also got to explore a new favourite here, the Seco Rose. Another brand I enjoyed was the Grover.”


Set amidst a sprawling 230 acres, the Charosa Vineyards in the Dindori-Niphad-Satara area of Nashik boasts of the finest wine-friendly weather & soil. The winemaking process at Charosa is unique & uses open tank fermenters. The use of super speciality equipment, such as inert gas press, ensures that only the best quality juice is used for winemaking process. This labour of love is all to create an Indian wine brand that is on par with the best internationally.

Wines Kept for Tasting

Pleasures Cabernet Chiraz and Sauvignon Blanc
Pleasures Chenin Blanc
Selections - Shiraz 2015
Reserve - Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Reserve - Tempranillo 2015
Selections - Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Selections - Voignier 2017
Pleasures- Cabernet Shiraz
Selections - Shiraz 2015


Gusto products are delivered from the vineyard to the doorstep and go through rigorous quality checks. The wine making process at Gusto strives to be of the highest ethical standards. Gusto delivers on commitments to not only consumers, but also to team members, vendors, and the community.

Wines Kept for Tasting

Wines for tasting
Lancers Rose Wine
Cara Faustino

Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo's dedication to Rioja winemaking using the most advanced techniques available has allowed us to create modern twists on traditional winemaking methods to deliver progressive styles of Rioja wines that satisfy today’s discerning modern palates.

Wines Kept for Tasting
Rioja Tempranillo 2015
Rioja Reserva
Campo Viejo Tempranillo
Campo Viejo Viura Tempranilla Blanco

Grover Zampa 

Grover Zampa boasts of creating wines are created by an uncompromising and passionate focus on quality and attention to detail in all aspects of the winemaking process, and they believe this permits the wine and the vineyard to express their true potential. Winemaking at Grover Zampa is done in different tanks according to the different kinds of grape and of plots of land where the grape has come from in order to respect the specificity of each terroir. Most of the wine processing equipment and tanks are imported, mainly from Italy, which is known for being one of the best manufacturers of stainless steel cellar equipment. In addition to this, the entire method of wine-making is finely orchestrated and monitored by the wine consultant Michel Rolland, to give a discrete style and balance to the wines. For the last four years, Karishma Grover
and Mathias Pellissard have been their winemakers.

Wines Kept for Tasting

Amora white wine
Amora red wine
Raya white wine
Raya red wine
Sante 2016 Chenin blanc
Sante 2016 Shiraz
Grover La Reserve, In collaboration with Michael Roland, 2014
Grover La Reserve Blanc, In collaboration with Michael Roland, 2015
Grover Sauvignon blanc Art collection 2017
Grover Rose Art collection 2016
Grover Merlot Art collection 2017
Grover Shiraz Art collection 2017

Jacobs Creek

In 1847, along the banks of Jacob’s Creek, Johann Gramp planted his first vineyard. His vision was to create great tasting wines that reflect the true character of the grapes and the land. To this day Jacob's Creek lives and breathes this vision by producing wines that showcase how each grape variety expresses itself when shaped by the soil and the sun of Australia.

Wines Kept for Tasting

Jacob's Creek Classic Chardonnay, Vintage 2017
Named after Jacob's Creek, site of Johann Gramp's first vineyard
Jacob's Creek Classic Shiraz Cabernet, Vintage 2016
Named after Jacob's Creek, site of Johann Gramp's first vineyard

Rio Spritzer 

Rio is a collection of fizzy wines made for everyday easy drinking. With the aim of making wine fun, Rio brings you a range of different wines to suit your every mood! These fizzy refreshing coolers have wine infused with club soda and a dash of fruit in three exciting flavours along with an alcohol content of 8 %. It is a light, fun, summery drink with an easy -to -open pull off cap!

Spritzers for tasting

Lemon & Passion - Spunky mix of zesty lemon and passion fruit flavours
in a fizzy wine cooler that brings the mercury down.

Cranberry - Lively fizz and luscious cranberry flavour in a heat-busting
wine fusion that gets a house party going.

Orange & Pineapple - A refreshing blend of juicy orange and pineapple flavours
in a wine spritzer to keep the fun quotient soaring

Wines also available at the stall

Good earth wine Bassa
Casablanca Rose Spumante and Vine Spumante


Just Fry Eat 
Just Fry Eat (JFE) is quite a popular name in Dadar and its great to catch up with the team at the fest. JFE, on a regular basis, supplies its patrons with fresh fish ( raw and cleaned ) with the option of over 30 different marinations. In case you just aren’t in the mood to fry anything, sit back and relax while they send you a cooked fair, beautifully fried or grilled if you are health conscious. They have an outlet in Shivaji Park and sell fish over the counter as well as provide home delivery. At the festival they served many taste bud tantalizing treats such as Cheese stuffed Pomphret, Prawn Pattice, Karindi Bhajji ( Prawn Pakoda ), to name a few. To accompany the delicious dishes of fish they served a special Goan Style Prawn Pickle from Bina Patkis Kitchen.

AFK Caterers 
Park Clubs in-house caterers too showcased some of their specials & we were glad to see The Chicken Cheese Croquettes, a favourite of ours, being served. 

Natasha Lalwani introduced a number of walk-ins to her new food venture, Mint, which got a great response. Her pop up at the festival had a variety of savouries, dips & sweets. We couldn’t help but take back home the Mushrooms Cheese dip & Cheese Pockets.


Harmeet Chadha Sawhney, Wimpy Wine
"Manali from Just Fry Eat approached us with Tushar wanting to do a wine festival. We zeroed in on Park Club as the venue because of its beautiful ambience. It has been our dream to host a festival like this and it is amazing to see that dream come true!" 

Manali, Just Fry Eat 
“My affinity towards fish is quite well known and I wanted to host something unique to promote it. Fish & wine go together, some good butter garlic prawns, steamed cheese pomfret and so on. This tie-up is working brilliantly and the positive response from the crowd has been amazing! Hoping to host this every year.” 

Shivani Shah, Dadar Woman Network (Community Partner) 
“The food at the festival was limited but lip-smacking and savoured by many. From Mint by Natasha Lalwani’s cheese puffs, AFK caterer's cheesy chicken rolls to Just Fry Eat’s fried fish, it paired up well with the wines being served.”

Festival Visitors

Gracie Vevula and Barbara Craven

“I came to know about it through my sister Barbara. We heard about it and we though fish and wine sounds really interesting! It is the season of lent so we cannot have hard alcohol and I am passed the age limit so I can have a little concession and enjoy my fish and wine.”

“Since my sister is down from Canada so I thought why not take her for this but she says the wine here is so different from wines they have in Canada, so we are hunting for some good red wines and my taste is mostly sweet."

Babita Fernandes
“They have a good variety. I liked all their wines, they are different and Indian wines have become international which I didn’t know existed. I am happy with tasting the different kinds of wine.
The fish & food is fantastic too!" 

Aldrich Fernandes
"I read about the Fish & Wine festival in the Everything On A Plate & More Facebook Group and it didn’t disappoint. Not only did I get to try out a variety of wines but many of the brands spoke to me at length about the flavours and textures each wine had to offer. Though I wish they would have informed that they wouldn't be talking cards for payment purposes. As for the food, there wasn't too much to explore but bar bites, which were good taste wise, but a little more filling food, especially for those who came around dinner time, would have been great. Hoping to learn about more such festivals.”

Dipti Khatu
"We came across the information about The Park Club Wine & Fish Festival in the Everything On A Plate & More FB group & it was a good experience. One ought to have these at regular intervals especially during winter! Not having credit card machines is a big minus point as we couldn’t avail of the discount on the purchase of wine bottles. Not much to choose from in food. There were only 2-3 stalls catering."

For more updates on upcoming events do not forget to follow us on